About the Company

AFN 4×4 Australia is the Oceania partner of AFN Portugal which founded its operation in 1995, AFN is one of the most well equipped companies dedicated to the production and commercialisation of accessories for both off-road and on-road vehicles. Although the history of AFN has been predominantly based around the need to supply vehicle protection equipment for the military and the United Nations it has realised the potential to grow and expand its market.

AFN has based its new approach to be innovative and to use the benefits of modern technology to offer a range of products that transform the way people come to see after-market equipment for their vehicles.

In particular, the four-wheel drive market has been crying out for something different and new, and as such AFN has seen this gap in the market place.

Over the past 24 months AFN 4×4 Australia has been working with AFN Portugal to produce a range of products that is particularly suited to the Australian market. AFN is a world leader in the approach and design philosophy in particular to the front and rear protection of modern 4×4 vehicles.

The days of just throwing on a bit of steel together to form a front protection system are gone. AFN is leading the way modern vehicle protection components are manufactured. Other will follow, and it won’t be long where the AFN approach to Styling, Fit, Form and Function will become the benchmark for all other manufacturers.

AFN knows that getting to the front takes a lot of investment, and as such it is important to ensure the latest manufacturing techniques are utilised. From full 3D vehicle scanning to complex tooling, AFN is dedicated to ensuring it stay aligned with the demands of modern vehicle manufacturing techniques.

AFN employs Automotive engineers trained in Europe that understand modern vehicle safety and design elements. These together with a desire to combine aesthetics with functionality has resulted in a product range that will ultimately change the way front and rear protection systems are seen, especially in the Australian market.